About Marriage

A Christian marriage is a covenant of companionship in which a couple enters into a lifelong, permanent relationship where Christ plays an integral role. The presence of Christ in a couple’s relationship will bond them and bring them into a deeper level of love and commitment. Therefore, it is important that both the man and the woman be born-again believers who are followers of Jesus, each having a personal relationship with Christ as expressed in I Corinthians 3:11 and 1 Corinthians 6:14.

Wedding Process

Weddings are a ministry to our members rather than a civil service. We have a pastoral concept of the entire wedding process that includes laying a strong spiritual, emotional and financial foundation for your relationship. We accomplish this goal through our premarital mentoring program and by having you meet several times with a caring pastor. Statistics show that couples who participate in a strong premarital program have stronger, healthier and more fulfilling marriages.

Getting Started

In order to have your wedding at LifeMission Church, you must be faithfully attending and be willing to complete our premarital mentoring process. If a pastor is concerned about the timing of the wedding or the readiness of the couple to be married, it is within his discretion to withdraw as the officiating pastor. To begin the process of being married at LifeMission Church you must make an appointment with the pastor you wish to officiate your wedding. This is important because the pastoral staff desires to walk with you on your journey toward marriage.

During the first meeting with the pastor, couples will read and sign The Premarital Statement of Commitment to Covenant Marriage, which includes agreeing to:

Participate in the premarital mentoring process
Participate in the life of the church
Maintain sexual purity

Staying within these guidelines is important if you are going to have your wedding at LifeMission Church.


After The Premarital Statement of Commitment to Covenant Marriage is signed, your next step is to contact the Marriage Mentor Ministry leader and begin the mentoring process. Call the church office at 913-829-7511 and ask an office assistant for the phone number of the Mentor Ministry leader. LifeMission Church is blessed to have trained mentoring couples that are passionate about helping you strengthen your relationship.

Final Details

Your pastor will want to meet with you again after the second and fourth mentoring sessions. Your wedding will not be confirmed at LifeMission Church until you have completed these sessions. You will not be able to set the date of your wedding until you have the agreement of the officiating pastor. This is why it is so important to start the process as soon as possible. You should begin the premarital process no later than six to nine months prior to your wedding.

A wedding ceremony is one of the most joyful and significant celebrations in life. Before family and friends, you will come to the altar as individuals and leave the altar as one. We are privileged to be taking this incredible journey with you!