Life On Camera

The Big God Story was performed from beginning to end to celebrate the finale of the Mission Family Experience.

Thank you, Lifers. Over two short days in July 2015, we took the message of Christ's love to the streets of our communities. Through park clean up, free oil changes for single mothers, feeding the homeless and serving in many other ways, people came to know our Savior and seeds of truth were planted.

Missionary, Wick Nease, delivers a "Thank you" report from one of our ministry partners in Uganda. The Foster Family Network brings hope to over 200 children, many of which have been orphaned by AIDS. Widows are also given a sense of purpose as they are partnered with children. The farm at the center of this network provides food and income that would otherwise be absent or much harder to attain.

Every year we share the love of Jesus with our community as a massive, orange army. Jesus is lifted up. We build relationships. The community is blessed. People get SAVED!