We are so excited to kick off this year with worship and prayer! We have this 22-day prayer guide to unify us as we pray for key topics during this season. These daily prayer guides are simple, easy and applicable. They include a prayer topic, description, and verse to guide you as you pray. We encourage you to take 5 minutes each day to join together as a church family in the powerful practice of unified prayer.

Download the 22 Days of Prayer guide below!

Our Vision

Jesus is worthy of everything. He is worthy of a global inheritance of incense (worship & prayer) rising from every tongue, tribe, and nation. As His bride we long for Him to return, but He cannot return and receive His inheritance until every tongue, tribe, and nation has heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

History shows that every great move of God for global evangelization starts with fervent prayer meetings of maybe 4 or 5 people, which turn into prayer movements, that turn into missions and world evangelization movements. This is because it’s impossible to partner with Jesus as He lives to make intercession and not be impacted by His heart for the lost!

Join us for a powerful night of corporate worship and prayer as we unite to receive the heart of God through prayer for the nations, the church, the lost, and ultimately for the Great Commission to be fulfilled. If you are passionate about prayer or interested in learning a new way to pray this meeting is open to anyone! For more information about GO Prayer Gatherings and our heart for Prayer click the link below!