Meet Our Missionaries

Streams of Mercy

four orphanages through Streams of Mercy

LifeMission Church supports four orphanages through Streams of Mercy:
House of Hope in Kolkata, India – children's school that helps feed and give education to street kids
Rescue and Restore Home in Chennai, India – caring for street children and those brought in from the slums
All Nations AIDS Kids Home near Maputo, Mozambique – caring for orphans of AIDS victims
Uganda Foster Family Network – Sam and Irene Kisolo – Uganda
The Kisolos care for every aspect of the needs of hundreds of children who have been left parentless due to Aids

Wick & Jan

Streams of Mercy - McKinney, TX

Wick & Jan lead Streams of Mercy. They currently support 34 Orphan projects in 12 different countries of the world. Streams of Mercy is helping over 5,000 orphans, children at risk, widows and the desperately poor and needy.