Mission Christmas

Help give Truth & Love this Christmas

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Goal: $100,000

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Truth & Love

Total Goal: $100,000

$70,000 Toward Old Testament translation, total of 2000 verses
$30,000 Toward Afghanistan Relief

Truth: Bible Translation
-Adopt a verse, $35 per verse

Love: Afghanistan – support believers choosing to stay in Afghanistan
-Those who remain

Steps to GO on Mission

Pray and ask God where He wants you to go

Apply Below

Covid-19 has greatly impacted Global Mission in so many ways, both positive & negative. Even though it is currently more challenging for us to GO we are seeing the gospel continue to go forth around the world through the global body of Christ. As we go into 2022 we are moving forward in faith, making plans based off of what we hear from the Lord, and walking with open hands knowing that if or when changes happen we are willing to obey Jesus in every way.

Here am I. Send me!

Spring Trips

All trips dates could possibly change due to COVID19

Salt Lake City, Utah $1000

March 2022

Team up with: LifeMission Missionaries Steven & Maddy

Minister Through: Relational Evangelism, Worship & Prayer, Encouraging local believers.
Description: Although the efforts of this trip will be focused primarily on reaching the religiously deceived, you will also learn how to share Jesus in a way that can be applied in your everyday life when you return home. Come and see what it’s like to live in America where less than 3% of your neighbors are Jesus followers! Mission is not just overseas or in the religiously saturated state of Utah. Mission is for you. Learn how it can become a practical and natural part of your life without all the hype!

Minneapolis, Minnesota $1000

April 2022

Team up with: LA Dream Center

Minister Through: Relational Evangelism to immigrants, prayer, worship, serving.
Description: Minneapolis is home to 80,000 Somalis. Deut 10:18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. This and many verses like it demonstrate the Father’s love for immigrants and his directive for us to care for them. This Spring, we have the amazing opportunity to reach one of the least-reached peoples on earth as we carry the gospel to Minnesota to share with the Somali people.

For more info text GO22 to 913-286-1040 or contact jack.frisbie@lifemission.church

GO22 Spring Short Term Outreach Interest Meetings

Not sure you have what it takes to go on a missions trip? Worried about the finances? Not sure where to start or what trip to go on? Know where you want to go but need to know the first steps for joining that team? Then come learn more about the vision and values of our Spring 2022 Short Term Outreaches!

Kansas City, Kansas Date: Sunday December 12th at 11:45am in The Sanctuary
Olathe Campus Date: Sunday December 12 at 2pm in The Barn

Mission Mondays

A monthly gathering designed to develop a missional community. This is for anyone who has a heart for missions or is interested in growing a deeper understanding of the world, cultivating God’s heart for all peoples, and discovering unique ways to be a part of God’s Mission!

Join us on the 3rd Monday of every month at 7pm in The Barn
For more info contact jack.frisbie@lifemission.church