How would Jesus reach out in the midst of COVID-19? We are living in unknown times, every day seems to bring something new that impacts the circumstances around us. As followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity to share the Hope of Jesus in the midst of a panicked society. As people are feeling trapped in fear, let’s partner together to love our neighbor as Jesus calls us to! We hope this guide will encourage you to get creative to “do what you can” in this season and share the Love of Jesus with those around you. This guide does not have to be followed in any particular order, you can just do whatever works for you when it works for you! 

As you begin to love your neighbor please follow Social Distancing guidelines and be respectful of others’ boundaries. 

Mark 12:30-31 

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”


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Personal connection is one of every person’s greatest needs. Connecting with people will probably take a little creativity. Here are a few ideas but feel free to come up with your own and please share them with us when you do. 

In-person with social distancing

Meet – If you’ve never met your neighbors before take some time to meet them either by knocking on their door and standing back to introduce yourself or meeting them when they are already outside on a walk or getting the mail. They may just want someone to talk to for a few minutes who is willing to listen and care for them. 

Yard Picnics – Invite your neighbors to join you for a neighborhood yard picnic! You can do it with just your next-door neighbor or with the whole block. Each household can have a picnic meal on their lawn at the same time, this is a great way to get outside and show your neighbors some love! 

Old-School Kindness

Note/Card – write a note or card for your neighbor including a word of encouragement and drop it off on their doorstep or in their mailbox. You can include scripture and even an invite to our online church! 

Use Technology

Facebook – You can start a Facebook group for the street you live on to provide a place for you and your neighbors to connect! Once the group is created you can leave a note in your neighbor’s mailboxes with the information about the group so they can join. You can use this page to find out if there are any needs on your street, to organize street wide activities such as birthday parades, picnics, driveway decorating, etc. 

Group Message – Start a texting or email group message by getting the phone numbers from your neighbors as a way to connect with each other! You can send out words of encouragement, offering to pray for them, and finding out if there are any needs.


young girl praying

The most powerful thing we can do in every season of life is Prayer. An easy way to bless your neighbors is to begin to pray for them on a regular basis! 

Bless Every Home – This is a database and resource you can either download as an app on your phone or visit and you can sign up to pray for your neighbors! You can also log if you’ve prayed, cared, or shared with your neighbor. The goal of Bless Every Home is to see every house in America prayed for, cared for, and have the opportunity to hear about Jesus. 

Prayer Walk – As you walk through your neighborhood, pray over the houses as you pass them. If you prefer to walk in the park you can pray for those you see in the park.


neighbor dropping off a bag of groceries

As we are called to “Love your neighbor as yourself”, there are so many simple ways we can care for our neighbors. If you have neighbors who don’t know Christ, being a light to them can be as simple as just caring for them & serving them in simple ways. Maybe think of how you would feel cared for by a neighbor and do that for one of them! 

Home Delivery – This is a fun one to do with the whole family! Pick a neighbor or 2 to deliver a small gift to – It could be cookies, flowers, etc. You can include drawings from your kids, a card/note with your information/phone number, you can offer prayer & encouragement, or scripture on the note. Get creative and have fun blessing your neighbors!

Creative Encouragement – There are so many ways you can creatively share encouragement with your neighbors & friends! Chalk art, notes, signs with words of encouragement, scriptures, etc.! 

Serve – Ask your neighbors if they have any needs and offer to serve them in whatever way you can! If you are mowing your lawn and have the time, go ahead and mow your neighbor’s lawn too! You can offer yard work or some kind of physical labor/service. You can even pick up groceries for an elderly or single-parent neighbor.


Jesus told us that as followers of Jesus we are the salt and light in the world. Everywhere we go we have the opportunity to bring light & flavor to our world! You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to share about Jesus, simply by knowing Jesus as your savior and friend you have all you need to be able to share Him with others. 

Gospel Conversations:

Ask & Listen – Starting Gospel conversations is as simple as asking them if they have a church they are a part of. You can ask open-ended questions & then listen to their views and experiences with God. Trust Holy Spirit to lead your conversation. 

Share A Testimony – Sharing about Jesus is as simple as telling someone about what He is speaking to you about today, how He gives you peace during this time, how He is your provider, how He has healed you, etc. 

Invite – You can invite neighbors and friends to join church online! You can even host a Facebook Watch Party for a livestream and personally invite your facebook friends to it. 

We have 3 different ways to watch our Weekend Services or GO Prayer on weekdays. 




For additional ideas and resources on how to be a good neighbor visit

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