LifeMission Academy

Our mission is to visualize, equip, and commission prodigies to BE the Church and change a generation

A Prodigy

A prodigy is by definition a person created in the image of God and gifted with a God sized potential. When they discover this potential and are trained in how to unleash it, the future they were created to make will be discovered. Jesus chose to change the world through His Church; not a building of brick and mortar, but of His followers, prodigies of His creation. We desire to call young adults to dedicate a year of their lives to learn, serve and grow.

Training Ground

The LifeMission Academy is a training ground for young leaders with a calling to ministry.  Here they will spend time in one-on-one discipleship, learning in a classroom setting, living in community, and getting practical experience and training in what it means to do life with God together in ministry.

Generational Track


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Worship Arts Track


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Missions Track

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Generational Track

This generation is unlike any before it.  The opportunity to reach this generation is great, and God is calling his sons and daughters to GO. OUR MISSION IS GO.  You will have the opportunity to discover God’s heart for this generation and how you are uniquely gifted to be a part of it. You will choose a specific age group to pray for, equip and reach. You will be challenged to look at children’s and student ministry differently. You will be given an individualized track for training based on your experience and ability.

Worship Arts Track

The worship arts track is designed for those who desire to lead an area encompassing either worship or media(graphics, lighting, video). You will be given opportunities to lead and grow in different settings and environments.  In the Worship department you will be given opportunity to be better rounded as a musician and vocalist. The Worship Pastor will give you a personalized track to help you move forward based on your current ability and experience. The media department is for those who desire to use their creative talent to help create irresistible environments through lighting, video and graphic design. The media team will give you a personal track to help you develop and grow in your creative abilities.

Missions Track

This is not for the faint of heart or those who are satisfied with the status quo!  The missions track is designed for those that are ready and willing to be changed by God so they can change the world for Jesus.  You will be shown how you can play a strategic role in missions, whether on the front lines or at home.  You will also be given the opportunity to capture God’s heart for the world and discover your specific role in taking the Good News of Jesus to a lost, hurting, and dying world.  You will learn by doing as you participate in ongoing local outreaches in KC, some with a variety of different people groups.  Through dynamic teachings, reading, and study, you will learn and discover how God has worked through history in all cultures and peoples.  Then you will choose a specific people group and pray and strategize how God, you, and others could partner together to reach them with the Gospel.  You will be challenged to look at God, His world, and the lost in a whole new light!

In addition, no matter the track of your choosing you will be involved every week in the life of the larger church serving in different ministries to give you a high level view of how the whole church operates, not just your specific area of interest.

Annual breakdown:

  • Term is September 11, 2017 to July 30, 2018
  • 1 Mission Trip to foreign soil
  • 2 retreats/conferences to spend time with Jesus and get training from other churches
  • Develop daily disciplines in quiet time, prayer, work ethic, exercise, and serving the local church
  • Learn how to develop and adopt vision and put it into practice.
  • Serve in one specific ministry for a semester to practically serve the weekly functions.

Weekly breakdown:

  • 25 hours training and service in ministry track
  • 3 hours Ministry Classes
  • 2 hour Discipleship Groups
  • 4 hours of prayer( 3 Corporate, 1 on own)
  • 4 hours of workouts (1 together, 3 on own)
  • 2 hours serving in other ministry apart from track

Basic Components of LifeMission Academy

Ministry Focus

Each student will choose their specific ministry focus and devote 20 hours to that department. The department head, base on the student’s gifting and skill set, will determine those hours.  They can focus on children’s, student, worship arts, or missions.

Ministry Class

This class will consist of worship, prayer, and in-depth teaching by one of the pastors or guest speakers on a weekly basis. Here we will talk through leadership, conflict resolution, finance, discipleship, evangelism, and other related topics to your growth and development.

Discipleship Groups

These groups will be gender based discipleship groups to have accountability, time studying scripture, and praying for each other. LifeMission Church Staff will lead these groups.


Prayer is the fuel of the Church and it’s mission. Each student will spend 4 hours in prayer interceding for LifeMission Church, the lost, his or her ministry focus, and over the future Jesus has for them.


Ministry is hard and often times pain is attached. Breaking through physical and emotional pain is crucial in preparing for ministry. Disciplining your body and your mind is vital to that process. Fitness is a priority in building healthy lives.

Missions Trip

Foreign missions is in the basic DNA of the Church and we want to instill this into the DNA of every student.  You will raise support and go to serve and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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