Squad 45

Know God. Get Connected. Love Others.

Squad 45 is an event strategically designed for 4th and 5th graders. They experience food, fun, teaching and develop a connection with their peers, a connection to their leaders and most importantly a deeper connection to God. This will be a launching pad in which students can then be a part of serving, discipleship and being plugged into our student ministry Life Mission Youth which takes place every Wednesday night at 7pm in Olathe, and Sunday night at 6pm in Ottawa. 

Before your kids head off to Middle School, we want to make sure that your child has a smooth transition as well as understand some of the milestones that we would desire for them to personally choose during these years if they haven’t done so previously.

2022 Squad 45 Dates

March 25th, Friday, 6-8pm

May 20th, Friday, 6-8pm

July 22nd, Friday, 6-8pm

September 23rd, Friday, 6-8pm

November 18th, Friday, 6-8pm