Watch A Story

Changed in a Moment 5:19

Mike’s story. Watch how God transformed Mike to a man full of Faith, Trust, Patience and so much more!

Life On Purpose 4:17

Andrew was always searching for that thing he knew he was missing. He desired a purpose, but he couldn’t find it. Watch how Jesus changed his life.

Joy Restored 5:27

Noemi was introduced to alcohol at a young age. Though it tried to consume her life, she was able to overcome her addiction. Watch how Jesus changed her life.

Divorced yet Redeemed 4:31

Divorced at a young age, Michelle found herself broken and confused. Watch how Jesus changed her life.

Overcoming Fatherlessness 4:16

Watch this story of Kwan overcoming fatherlessness and becoming the man God wanted him to be.

Overcoming Separation 5:40

Watch how a mother sacrificed for her children so they could have a better life.

Overcoming Financial Hardship 4:22

The Jones’ had to overcome financial hardship before they could achieve the dream God gave them.

Overcoming Brokenness 4:10

Jordan grew up in a broken home, but he was able to overcome his broken life when he decided to follow Jesus.

A Servant’s Heart 3:27

Watch how Brian went from an apathetic heart to a servant’s heart.

Overcoming Pornography 4:17

When Mark turned his life over to Jesus and committed to change, he was able to overcome his addiction.

A Church Is Planted 3:51

Watch the beginnings of New Tribe Church, a church plant from LifeMission Church.

Jordan’s Story 2:49

Watch Jordan’s story of hope.

From Lost to Found 8:47

Watch this story from a veteran who found new life at the LA Dream Center.

A Marriage Restored 5:17

Watch how a marriage was restored when Jesus was invited into the relationship.

A Life Lost In Drugs Is Redeemed 5:47

Watch how God restores a man who is at the end of himself and lost in addiction.