Premarital Program

Before you can host your wedding and/or reception at LifeMission Church or have one of our pastors perform your ceremony, you and your fiancé have to complete our premarital mentoring program. This process includes:

Several meetings with a LifeMission pastor

A meeting with the leader of our premarital ministry

And eight (8) sessions with a trained mentor couple.

Because of the time commitment involved, we ask that you begin the process six (6) to nine (9) months before your proposed wedding date. You should not set a firm wedding date until you have the agreement of your LifeMission pastor. In the event that the pastor is concerned about the timing of the wedding or the readiness of the couple to be married, it is within his discretion to decline or withdraw as the officiating pastor.

Biblical Marriage

LifeMission Church strongly values marriage from a biblical perspective. We believe marriage to be a covenant relationship between one man and one woman, a relationship that is permanent and lifelong, and one in which Jesus Christ plays a central role. The presence of Christ in a couple’s relationship bonds them and brings them to a deeper level of love and commitment. Therefore, it is important that both the man and the woman are born-again followers of Jesus – those who have a personal relationship with Him as expressed in 1 Corinthians 3:11 and 1 Corinthians 6:14.

Wedding Ministry

We consider weddings at LifeMission Church a ministry to our members rather than a civil service to be performed. Our obligation is to pastor engaged couples through the wedding process in ways that build strong spiritual, emotional and financial foundations for their relationship. We accomplish this through the meetings with a LifeMission pastor (even if your officiant is from outside LifeMission Church) and the sessions with your mentor couple. Statistics show that couples who participate in a strong premarital program have stronger, healthier and more fulfilling marriages.

Getting Started

“Who would we like to officiate our wedding?” Beginning the process is simple once you and your fiancé have answered this question.

If someone other than a LifeMission pastor will perform your ceremony, you can begin the premarital mentoring process by calling the church (913) 829-7511.

If you want to ask a LifeMission pastor to preside over your special day, simply call the church and arrange to meet with that pastor. (Pastor Clint has been limited by the Board of Elders from performing weddings, but all of the other pastors can be approached.)

Next Steps

When you meet with the LifeMission pastor, he will ask you to consent to The Premarital Statement of Commitment to Covenant Marriage. By signing it, you agree to:

Participate in the premarital mentoring process

Participate in the life of the church

And maintain sexual purity until marriage.

After The Premarital Statement of Commitment to Covenant Marriage is signed, your pastor will help you contact the leader of our premarital ministry to start the actual mentoring process. LifeMission Church is blessed to have trained mentoring couples that are passionate about helping you and strengthening your relationship.

Final Details

Your pastor will also want to meet with you two more times. Your wedding will not be confirmed at LifeMission Church until you have completed those sessions.

A wedding ceremony is one of the most joyful and significant celebrations in life. Before family and friends, you will come to the altar as individuals and leave as one. We feel privileged to take this incredible journey with you.